Why take classes?

A lot of climbers reach a plateau in their climbing skills at one point or another. Some think they don’t have the right height or body type to climb hard. Others think climbing is only for the very young. In reality it’s never too early or too late to start improving. Many climbers are capable of achieving their hardest sends later in life and some of world’s climbing icons don’t have the “best for climbing” physique. Most climbers hesitate to try and improve and never realize what they can do. They think they’ve reached an age or stage where progress is impossible.

The thing that separates people who improve and those who plateau is knowledge. Knowledge of climbing methodology, methods for how to train, methods for how to project, and methods for utilizing your body to its full potential. Many of those who do train are not aware of the intricacies required to train at a high level and end up injured or see very little progress due to a lack of knowledge of what is really required to see improvement. On top of all of this, many adults are hesitant to seek advice or training from a coach.

All climbers can benefit from individualized coaching regardless of how long they’ve been climbing. The benefits of having an experienced coach to motivate, instruct, and steer you away from common mistakes in climbing are massive.

We create individualized training plans that are focused around measurable progress and injury prevention, as well as structured classes that pinpoint and help you achieve your climbing goals, whether they be at the sport crag, on a big wall, or in the mountains.

What we’ve Achieved

In the last 20 years of coaching in New England we have achieved many things. We are constantly experimenting to find the methods that work best for achieving a high level in all aspects of climbing. Some of our greatest achievements include:

Expeditions & First Ascents

  • 5 expeditions to Alaska
  • 2 expeditions to the Bugaboos in Canada
  • 1 expedition via raft on the Green River in Utah
  • 2 sport climbing trips to Spain
  • 8 trips to Yosemite

Sport Climbing Achievements

  • Hundreds of our past students reached the level of 5.10, 5.11, or 5.12 under our coaching
  • More then 50 of our past students have completed a 5.13 successfully
  • 12 of our past students have completed a 5.14 successfully
  • 2 of our past have completed a 5.15 successfully