Rulph Burke

Has been climbing for 35 years (sport, trad and ice). Hardest sport climb is “Social Outcast” 5.12a/b (2020). Loves training hard and open to any new ways of training.

Lisa Caldwell

Lisa has been climbing for 9 years, she loves sport climbing, trad climbing and mountaineering in that order. To date her hardest send is “Peanut Man 5.12a” she soon hopes to send “Pretzl Logic” and in the long term she has her eyes on “Predator” 5.13b. To accomplish these goals we are working with her on finger strength, power, and mental training.

Izzy Johnson

Izzy has been climbing for only 2 years but already shows massive potential. She has climbed at Malibu Creek and Yosemite on the west coast and Rumney and the Gunks on the east. Izzy loves sport climbing, and her main goals are to improve her technique and eventually send 5.12 outside. To help her accomplish this we are mainly working on her technique and projecting strategies.

David Gendelman

David has been climbing for around 8 years. He has spent most of this time sport climbing in the gym occasionally climbing at Rumney and the Gunks. He wishes to improve his lead climbing skills, climb more efficiently, and gain strength. For these things we are working with him on lead climbing skills, locating rests and using them efficiently, and physical conditioning.

Melissa Robinson

Melissa is new to climbing, she began after her son Tucker joined the team and took to the sport. Currently she is a gym climber but we are preparing her to climb outside. She has aspirations to go outdoor climbing with her son. We work with Melissa mostly on technique and the technical aspects required for outdoor climbing.

Sarah and Barry O’Donoghue

Sarah is a long time climber but new to formal instruction. Some of her favorite climbing areas include The Red, The Gunks, and Rumney. Some of goals include becoming a better all around lead climber and reaching the 5.12 level. we work with Sarah on her technique as well a strength training required to reach the next level in her climbing.

Allan Nadel

Allan has been climbing for 8 years. He currently enjoys sport and easier trad climbing at Rumney and the Gunks. His goal is to be an all around better climber. The main things we are helping him improve on is his strength and his mentality while climbing.

Josh Blayer

Josh has been climbing for 6 years. His main goal in climbing is to be able to climb at his limit consistently and to be a confident outdoor and multi pitch climber.. Josh came to ASC with several climbing related injuries so much of our training is related to managing and recovering from his previous injuries. With some healing time you will soon see Josh out at the local crags crushing!

Eliot Goodwin

Eliot has been climbing off and on for around a year and consitently for a few months. His main goals in climbing are to be confident in all styles of outdoor climbing and to increase his technical abilities. We work with Eliot on a mix of climbing technique and the technical aspects of outdoor climbing such as lead climbing and knot knowledge.